Small Packages

Small Packages

Our mailbox service offers a free shipping address in Miami and is great for small packages, especially electronics like smart phones and cameras. Two weekly flights will get your items to you safely.

Where can you ship from?

You can ship from almost anywhere in the world. Our representatives will ship your items to Guyana from the Caribbean, the US (New York and Miami), Europe and the Far East (China, India, or Japan).

What documentation will you require?

SED (customs declaration form) if the value of the cargo exceeds US$2500.

Each shipping line and port will have its unique list of hazardous materials. Some lines will allow shipping of these materials with proper filing and documentation while others will require a “hazmat fee”. Our representatives will support you in dealing with this matter if necessary.

How long does shipping take?

The length of time it takes for your shipment to get here depends on whether you are using air or ocean freight, its origin, and other external factors (which we don’t control) like weather and emergencies. In favourable situations, ocean freight from the North can take 3-4 weeks or from the Far East (Japan or China) can take about 6 weeks. For more information, check out our shipping questions and answers.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost for your small package will depend on the size and origin. Please contact us directly for more details on shipping costs.