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We offer a range of options to get the world’s biggest brands to your doorstep or small business anywhere in the country. We promise to find you anywhere and to keep you “in the know” throughout the shipping process.

Shopping Options

We buy

No credit or debit card? Send us the link to and details of your items and we will buy and ship for you.

You buy

Prefer to do your own buying and paying? You can ship your items directly to our warehouses via our mailbox service.

Shipping Options

Ocean Freight

We can bring your packages by sea if that is what you want. Schedules will vary by the shipping line available by location.

Air Freight

If you prefer to receive your packages faster, we offer air freight with two or more weekly flights available.

Delivery Options


We can deliver your items directly to you. Call us to coordinate.


You can also arrange for pick-up of your packages from our offices.

How can you shop from any part of the world?

 1Register with us or call us for more information

Request our online shopping services or call us to start shopping today. You will receive your mailbox address to which you can ship packages to.

2 Start shopping with or without a credit/debit card

Use your own credit/debit card to shop from worldwide retailers, ship to our warehouses and send us copies of your invoices. No credit/debit card? No problem. Just send us the links and details of the items and we will do the buying for you.

3 Get updates anytime you want them

Contact us for an update on your shipment.

4 Your package has touched down!

Your package is here! Our representatives will get in touch with the great news and depending on your preference we will coordinate pick-up at our office, or we can deliver to you.

Where can you shop and ship from?

You can shop and ship from anywhere in the world. Our representatives will ship your items to Guyana from Miami.

Here are some important things to remember

  • If you choose to do your own shopping, then we will need copies of your invoices. For example, US laws require an SED (customs declaration form) if the value of the cargo exceeds US$2500.
  • Each shipping line and port will have a unique list of hazardous materials. Some lines will allow shipping of these materials with proper filing and documentation while others will require a hazmat fee. Our representatives will support you in dealing with this matter if necessary.

How much does shipping cost?

Please contact us for more details on shipping costs or send us a quotation request.

Online Shopping FAQs

Do you offer online shopping and shipping services?

Yes, we offer online shopping and shipping services. You can ship your items either by air or sea. Learn more about this service.

Can Guyana Freight clear and deliver my shipments?

Yes, we offer brokerage services through our in-house team. Contact us for more information.

Can packages be delivered to my home or office?

Yes, our in-house brokers can clear and deliver your packages within specified areas. Please call our office for further details

Where are your warehouses located?

Please contact us for warehouse location information.

Do you offer repacking?

We respect your privacy and do not remove your items from the original shipping packages. However, we can hold your packages at our warehouse for a specified period to allow multiple deliveries to be consolidated into a single shipment. Contact us for more information.

Do you ship via Air from Miami?

Yes, we offer two weekly flights from Miami and worldwide air freight coverage. Please send us your request.

How long does it take for a package shipped out of Miami to arrive by air?

Every week, we have two flights that are expected on Monday and Thursday.

  • Monday: Cut off for cargo, commercial invoices, and instructions is Thursday at 4 PM.
  • Thursday: Cut off for cargo, commercial invoices, and instructions is Tuesday at 4 PM.
How much does shipping by air cost?

The cost depends on the commodity type, weight, and volume of your package. Volume weight calculation: L x W x H in inches divided by 166. Please request a quote.

Do you offer insurance?

Insurance can be arranged through our partners. Contact us for more information.

Does Guyana Freight offer brokerage services?

Yes, we offer brokerage services through our in-house team. Contact us for more information.